Gundy’s contract could soon become a……NON-issue.

Love Bill Haisten.

In a “Man, I can’t wait to read what comes next from his brain” type of love.

But that doesn’t mean I agree with everything that spews forth, and this article about Gundy’s contract falls in that bucket.

OSU is in the middle of what could become another historic season of college football. The team is focused, going about their business, preparing for the next opponent.

The accolades are SLOWLY coming in, but most still feel the Cowboys don’t belong. That’s fine, gives the team easy motivation.

Then, on 10/24, the Tulsa World publishes and article penned by none other than my man Bill. The title of the article…

  1. OSU staring at history;
  2. OSU continues to silence doubters;
  3. Focus and preparation keep Cowboys on track for historic Bedlam;
  4. Coaches maintaining winning edge;
  5. OSU analysis: Gundy’s contract could soon become an issue

For anyone who follows anything OSU on Twitter, then you know the answer…..#5.

OSU administration AND Gundy aren’t about to comment on this until the season is over, so hyperbole is all that will result from this.

And what use is the hyperbole? It is of no use other than to spark conversation. That’s it.

If there is one thing that you can bet on…your life, home, fortune, car, whatever you pick…it will be safe, because of all the things in this world that are NOT guaranteed, this one thing is….unless Gundy falls off the winning wagon that he has helped hitch OSU’s football fortunes to, he will coach here for as long as he wants to coach. I think it would be safe to say that I will be on the north side of 65 before we can wonder annually about Gundy’s return (I will be 50 next March, so do the math). Gundy has said, more than once, that this is his “NY Yankees” job, and if Boone Pickens is a kinder, gentler George Steinbrenner, then I can tell you, based on the current state of the program, exactly where Gundy is going….NOWHERE.


As long as Gundy maintains a high % winning program, then he can pretty much write his ticket. Keep in mind, I don’t think Gundy is that kind of coach…the one that wants to be a diva or prima donna. Gundy is comfortable being the “good human being” coach. Use the field to teach young men about life and how to keep your priorities straight. Doesn’t sound like a coach who will bolt at the first sign of a MUCH bigger payday elsewhere. And besides that, do you think for one second that BP will let Gundy leave because of money????

UPDATE…Thanks to a reader who commented below and reminded me that Gundy actually gave up a little dough to insure that assistants were properly compensated, which means keeping certain individuals, who have proven their worth, a year or two longer. And this guy is going to leave over money??? 

This is currently a match made in college football heaven…a generous, but seemingly above board benefactor, an AD with a vision, and a coach that doesn’t need to be the biggest fish in the pond, just the one winning lots of games and producing good citizens.

I know that I am not immersed in the goings on of the program like Bill and many other sports reporters and writers are. But I know this…NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING has occurred that would give even the slightest indication that Gundy would have any reason to look elsewhere because OSU isn’t going to reward him as handsomely as they can should he coax this, or future teams, into bringing home the Holy Grail, or it’s little brother (BCS or Big 12 title). As long as Boone and his money are around, that’s about as close to a guarantee as it’s going to get.

So for now, the article about Gundy’s potential contract issue really serves no purpose other than to spark discussion, and could potentially cause a distraction to a team that is totally focused on one goal…next week’s opponent.

How ’bout we keep this a non-issue ’til after the season….PLEASE. Let it go the same way as the “What are we going to name this edition of Bedlam” conversation, but before it blows up in our face.



3 thoughts on “Gundy’s contract could soon become a……NON-issue.

  1. Could not agree more Gundy is not going anywhere!! He took let money so his assistances could get paid more hellooooooo he loves Oklahoma State and there is no place he would rather be.. GO POKES!!!

    • opps * less money i meant. Also would like to add that when we win the Title this year he will get enough extra money, and i think he does deserve more money! GO POKES!!

    • Great comment…I forgot about what he did for the assistants, another excellent point that totally debunks any theory that Gundy’s contract will be an issue. Still completely perplexed that this would be brought up by anyone at this time.

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