How one game changed my “sports” life…initial review of Game 12 in our Season of Hope…BEDLAM

It is 2am Sunday morning, and my brother and I just arrived at his home near Grand Lake. The drive back from Stillwater was a lot longer than I thought it would be, but I had never made the journey…we met this morning near Owasso. It was almost 3 hours.

Between listening to post game radio and talking, I didn’t really notice.

I have never in my life been involved in such a transformative sports moment.

The demons of over a century of futility on the gridiron, and those of tragedy only a few weeks ago, were exorcised Saturday night in Stillwater during a little contest we know as Bedlam.

The bad bounces, penalties, drops, etc., that have plagued OSU football, especially in this game historically, were enough to cause MANY who admitted that OSU clearly had the better team to pick OU to win the game.

There were bad bounces, penalties, drops, etc. during Bedlam 2011…but this time the victim was OU.

Did somebody slip Squinky a “mickey”?

I am half out of it, and still in a bit of a daze, so I will most likely post more on Monday, as Sunday is for church and traveling home to CT.

But I will say this…my team is now a champion. My team has now won the big game against its hated rival on national TV to claim that championship. And I got to see it first hand…the storming of the field…the goal posts coming down…fans standing, speechless, still trying to comprehend the magnitude of what just happened.

Our “OSU” lives will never be the same.


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