My first basketball post….

I’ve watched and listened to every game so far, including the exhibitions.

My quick summary…

  • This is by far the most athletic team I have EVER seen at OSU, and I’ve been following since the 70′s;
  • Going along with that…WOW, can these guys get up the floor FAST;
  • Speaking of fast….Guerrero;
  • Speaking of ball handling…Guerrero;
  • Speaking of chemistry…Hello? Hello chemistry? Are you out there?
  • Hunziker needs to hold off talking about defense until they play someone;
  • Jurick and Guerrero will be HUGE contributors this season;
  • Nash needs to learn how to play when he is not the center of attention, both on offense and defense;
  • Paige needs to find the shot that everyone claims he has. He should be burying at least 40% because he is going to get SO many open looks;
  • I could see a different “difference” maker every game. This team is loaded with playmakers that can alter a game when they get going;
  • If these guys can focus, they can be a defensive force;
  • This is the deepest team I’ve EVER seen in Stillwater;
  • This team has 3-4 players that can play 3-4 positions;
  • Fans, especially students, need to get there act in gear. This is a young, exciting group of players. They will feed off your energy;

I’m really looking forward to the job Coach Ford will do molding these guys into a unit. That will be his main goal. If he can help this group find their chemistry, this could be a pretty special season for the Cowboys.


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