Now, about that schedule…

Much has been written about the schedule that FINALLY came out, thanks to WVU and the Big East for finally working out the inevitable.

So, without a lot of hocus pocus, here are my amateur thoughts on the upcoming 2012 slate of opponents…

  1. Sept. 1 – Savannah State…Have to agree with Pistols Guy on this one. Given the QB situation, what better way to start the season than with an opponent that would allow for some experimentation, if necessary, and definitely provide a soft environment for the new QB’s to get their feet wet.
  2. Sept. 8 – at Arizona…Experiment over. QB decision needs to be made. This will be our first true taste of what life will be like without Weeden2Blackmon.
  3. Sept. 15 – Louisiana…Ok, what should be a nice break before the bye week. But anyone with a decent memory recalls recent struggles with teams like this, so don’t take anything for granted. The atmosphere for this game will depend GREATLY on what happened the week before.
  4. Sept. 29 – Texas…The goods news is OSU will have had 3 games and a bye week to get things in order before playing one of the best defenses in the conference. We will also have some idea as to the improvement, if any, for our defense…the one that was gouged for over 200 yds rushing last year in Austin. Here’s hoping the turnovers keep coming. Oh, and think about this…any one of our 3 QB’s could step in and start for the Longhorns.
  5. Oct. 13 – at Kansas…At first glance, this will be only slightly more competitive than last year’s massacre in Stillwater. The Pokes have another bye to recover from UT and prep for the Jayhawks. At second glance, I have no clue what to think about this game. Weis is definitely a better coach than Gill (I think), and they do have some athletes. Even still, probably an easy win for OSU.
  6. Oct. 20 – Iowa State…If the Cowboys don’t DEMOLISH the Cyclones on shere principal, I will be sorely disappointed.
  7. Oct. 27 – TCU…Who the heck knows. Patterson is a good coach, but even without the drug scandal, the Frogs will be making their way through a MUCH tougher season. Not a gimme, but OSU should take care of business at home.
  8. Nov. 3 – at Kansas State…The Cowboys could very easily be 6-0 when they arrive in Manhattan. Reality, however, comes a callin’ on Nov 3rd, 2012. This game starts a BRUTAL home stretch for OSU that could easily result in a 7-5 record. Wonder what the Wildcat’s attitude will be coming into this game? Any guesses? This will be the true indicator of whether or not the Cowboys are rebuilding or simply reloading.
  9. Nov. 10 – West Virginia…Depending on what leads up to this game and the opposing schedules on that weekend, if this isn’t the sight for ESPN Gameday people at the mothership need to be fired. Red Bull Express returns to Stilly. Seriously.
  10. Nov. 17 – Texas Tech…The Red Raiders will definitely show up ready to make amends for the slaughter in Lubbock at the hands of OSU. Their efforts should result in a slightly less embarrassing beat down.
  11. Nov. 24 – at Oklahoma…All we need to remember for an indicator of what’s in store when the Cowboys head to Norman…44-10. This will be a brawl.
  12. Dec. 1 – at Baylor…DANGER! DANGER! DANGER! RG3 is gone. Kendall Wright is gone. But Briles has proven he can recruit and win. I hate not playing OU for the last regular season game…this is ripe for a let down, and Baylor will be fired up.

This all depends, of course, on what happens…to the QB’s, injuries, what other teams turn out to be. Hard to really put anything meaningful in writing because it could all completely change BEFORE anyone has played a single game.

The potential for this season is at the extremes…things better than expected, breaks going our way, and we could be looking at another undefeated run. Flip that, and OSU could easily be 7-5. Three of our last 5 games are on the road (KSU, OU, Baylor)…I think I recall those being the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th best teams in the conference in 2011.

Last season I thought OSU’s schedule, while considered rough by many, played greatly in their favor after the A&M game. The upcoming season has a whole different flavor for me right now.

But, we have a LONG way to go before any of this really starts to take shape. For now, I’ll eagerly anticipate the start of spring practice.


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