Revisiting an earlier assessment of Coach Ford and the Cowboys

Some time ago, while the Cowboys were wallowing their way through the first half of their season, I wrote this.

What a difference a few players make…a few less players.

Coach Ford was absolutely befuddled in attempting to find a combination of players that resulted in chemistry.

The departing players helped him out with that.

Left with no choice but to give Page a break at the point, and having to sit an uncooperative, immature Guerrero, OSU ended up with their own version of the human highlight reel at point guard…and started looking like a TEAM that had some idea what they were doing as a TEAM…on both ends of the floor…

Forced to play unheralded teammates due to foul trouble, we suddenly discovered what could be the best pure shooting stroke in the conference in Soucek. Too bad he averages 1 foul every trip down the floor.

Add to that an injury to Jurick and continued issues with Guerrero, and the main players…Page/Brown/Williams/Cobbins/Nash…are logging a lot of minutes, even in foul trouble.

Sometimes “baptism by fire” yields excellent results…this seems to be one of those times.

Brown is proving more than serviceable at the point, providing a threat off the dribble. This threat is simple, but very deadly…beat his man off the dribble, and the defense must help or give up an easy basket. Help, and if teammates don’t identify and rotate quick enough, an easy dish leads to a layup or wide open shot. Page/Williams/Nash/Cobbins have feasted on many of these situations.

BTW…Brown can elevate…REALLY elevate. Just google Markel Brown. Enough said.

This revelation came in a loss at Iowa State. (I won’t talk about how losing at Iowa State sucks)

It continued with a HUGE win over Missouri in GIA. That was #4 ranked Missouri…

It should have continued with a win at A&M, but the Cowboys couldn’t hit a bull in the ass with a handful of rice. Old Confucius saying…”Ball that does not go in basket in sport that counts points for ball going in basket usually results in less points than opponent.”

OSU didn’t miss a beat…and was very fortunate…in visiting the worst team in the league in Lubbock, bringing home their first Big 12 road win since the 2009-10 season.

They almost caught the magic again, losing a close game at home to #6 Baylor.

Iowa State, after taking away a likely road win with a buzzer beating, dagger 3 in Ames, got to be a part of LOTS of highlight reel stuff in GIA. Nash paid them back with a beautiful catch-dribble-fade away game winner with 4 seconds left. Brown and Williams were dunk-o-licious, inspiring #LobStilly t-shirts. OSU put FOUR players in double figures.

The Cowboys have a tall order on Saturday, traveling to Lawrence, where they haven’t won since 1989.

But Cowboy Nation now believes…just as I said they would…because OSU is giving it EVERYTHING they have…1 possession at a time, 110% every possession…

And all this from a team with a coach that couldn’t figure out the rotation. It took 2 established point guards leaving the program to get things moving. Here’s a given in team sports…CHEMISTRY IS EVERYTHING.

Rotating QB’s doesn’t work…constantly shifting starting lineups is a recipe for exactly what we saw in the first half of the season. Ford should have picked a group and stuck with them until they proved they couldn’t “get it.” Instead, players had to defect to produce a situation where Ford had no choice…and guess what…a funny thing happened on the way to the gym….CHEMISTRY…

There’s a lot left to the season. If the Cowboys don’t run out of gas due to the minutes, they will keep Ford’s coaching seat at a comfortably lukewarm temp, allowing us to see if the addition of another very high profile recruit can restore GIA basketball to it’s proper place.

If that’s what they manage to accomplish, I’m all in.


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