The tough road ahead in 2012.

I said in a post last year (which, of course, I can’t find so I could link here and be really smart) that OSU’s schedule was not as bad as so many experts thought.

Well, this year I go the other way, with some hesitation.

The biggest factor will not be the schedule.

It will be the quarterback…and maybe the wide receivers.

I posted more than once last season that we knew we would miss Weeden next season, we would have no idea how much until it actually happened. Get ready, it’s about to happen.

I have been feeling bad for the current crop of QB’s in Stillwater. Clint Chelf has been the dutiful backup, patiently waiting his turn.

JW Walsh was heavily recruited and highly regarded by the Cowboys, but as the ESPN special showed last fall, his arm wasn’t ready for the pass heavy system OSU deploys.

Wes Lunt enrolled early, and everyone knows what he did in Illinois during high school.

High profile, championship programs are lucky to have ONE workable backup. The Cowboys look to have 3. One of these guys is going to feel REALLY left out, and could easily transfer. But that is what happens with championship programs. Not all the recruited talent gets to be a star.

Gundy has demonstrated the willingness to stick with a QB not capable of running the offense instead of handing the keys to a QB that showed moxy and a winning attitude in saving a season (see injured Robinson/Cate vs Weeden, 2009).

If I am anxious about anything, it is about the QB position.

We have running backs galore. We have WR’s coming out of our ears. We’ve got returning leaders, as well as highly regarded recruits, on defense. We have the college guru of offensive line coaches.

But we never had anyone like Weeden at QB. He wasn’t recruited…he was a walk-on. A walk-on who was 3rd string until that fateful Thursday night in 2009. Even then, Gundy stuck with a completely debilitated Robinson to finish the two most important games (at that time) in OSU football history.

The schedule will be whatever the schedule will be. Nobody knows how teams are going to turn out, so knowing more about the schedule will have to wait until the end of September.

We will know about our QB before then.

And I hope we are smiling…


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