Trash talking and the current state of Cowboy basketball.

Nash says it is “Upset Saturday.”

Our star freshman tweeted that comment this morning.

Really? On the road at #4 Baylor….

I replied “One possession at a time. 110% every possession. GO GET ‘EM!”

My unheard comment…”If you are going to call for Upset Saturday, then I better see you flying around the floor like this is your last game of¬†basketball EVER.”

With all the drama of departing troops creating a manpower shortage, this was a fairly brave comment from someone who has yet to play at full power for the entire time he is on the floor. We have seen flashes, even some sustained production, but then again we still see periods of uninspired play, and noticeable absences at the end of games when the result is still in question.

Loved the article about Coach Ford actually throwing on some gear and attempting to show his players exactly what it was he wanted them to do. Wish he was in better physical condition to do that more often. I used to do that.

Had a chance to coach on several levels, but my favorite was a private HS JV boys team. Was fortunate to have a couple of good young athletes, but the rest were like me when I was in HS…not really good athletes, but generally good attitudes. All I ever preached was team….be a team…ALL the time…even off the court.

The stars knew who they were, and the role players knew who they were. And we ALL knew our team’s identity…NOBODY would ever beat us because we didn’t give 110%. Relentless. NEVER stop trying to do your best.

We were 12-0 before our first loss to a very small “special” private school varsity team. We found ourselves 14-1 when we traveled to play our hated rival, Brunswick (the KU of our league).

We were down 19 at the end of the 1st quarter.

In the huddle, without yelling or pointing fingers, I remember saying “One possession at a time. 110% every possession. GO GET ‘EM!”

We came within a last second missed 3 of tying the game.

One of the starters, who had fouled out in the final seconds, kicked over his chair on the sideline.

He was suspended for the next game. No tolerance for bad sportsmanship. He, and everyone else, understood.

When Brunswick came to our house, I thought my boys were going to have to be restrained. You would have thought Brunswick had massacred all their families. It was the night after my son was born.

Back in the hospital after the big win.








We handled them easily, eventually winning by 10 with the outcome never really in question. First time anyone could remember either the varsity or jv beating Brunswick. And it was all because of attitude. We ended the season 18-3.

So here’s my advice for the Cowboys…

Play hard, every possession. And even if you don’t know where you are going, go there at 110%. Never stand still, always know where your teammates are, and NEVER give up anything easy.

Effort is EVERYTHING. Too many other things you can’t control, so focus on the one thing that can bring the most basic and profound satisfaction…effort. In games AND in practice. Effort.

Do that, and Cowboy Nation will respond.

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